About Us

In 2008, we said goodbye to our families, friends, and the cold Canadian winters and moved from Toronto, Canada to Panama City, Panama.  After living here for a short while we realized that we missed some of our favorite foods from home; and more than anything else we missed the simple pleasure of a crave-worthy melt-in-your-mouth Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich.  It's a sandwich piled high with tender meat and served simply and deliciously with mustard, and some crunchy cole slaw & a pickle spear on the side.  We've been enjoying these treats for longer than we want to admit, and we are finally able to introduce these treats to our neighbors and friends in our wonderful adopted country.

As serious foodies, we are always researching the best providers, food trends, and gourmet stores around the world.  Our food at Solomon's Montreal Deli is relatively simple, but made from the highest quality and most authentic ingredients we can get.  Our Smoked Meat is imported from the best provider in Montreal, Canada.  Our Smoked Salmon is the finest quality Norwegian smoked salmon.  The mustards are imported from the best manufacturer in Toronto, Canada.  We hope you taste the love and attention to detail in every bite.


We want to be a foodie experience that our customers can enjoy every day, because good food is not just for special occasions.  So the Gourmet Shop section at Solomon's Deli will carry a range of products to enhance everyone's eating, drinking, and cooking experiences.  We'll have our favorite items like the most amazingly versatile finishing salt from Australia, uniquely flavorful mustards from Toronto, homemade soups and sauces, and more.  


Please come and visit us soon, and then very soon again after that.  We crave this kind of food, and we hope you will too.