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Spanish Text yada foodies Sara & Corey Solomon said goodbye to winter and moved from Toronto, Canada to Panama City, Panama.  After living in Panama for a few months, they realized that they missed some of their favorite dishes from home; more specifically a melt-in-your mouth Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich, the kind that they’ve both been enjoying for longer than they want to admit.  As a native Montrealer, Corey often brought Sara to Montreal to enjoy delicious sandwiches, Poutine and other Montreal deli specialties.   After years of dreaming about having these crave-worthy dishes in Panama, their dream is now a reality! The first authentic Montreal-style Deli in the heart of Panama City.

As foodies, Sara & Corey are always researching the latest restaurants, food trends and gourmet stores and they love to share their finds with their family, friends, and customers. So of course Solomon's Deli Smoked Meat is imported from the best producer in Montreal.  The Smoked Salmon is the finest quality Norwegian smoked salmon.  The all-important mustards are imported from the best manufacturer in Toronto, Canada.  You can taste the love and attention to detail in every bite.


Sara and Corey love it when they find great foodie items that enhance the eating, drinking or cooking experience.  From the perfect finishing salt, savory spice rub, kid-friendly whole grain pancake batter or even small batch tonic, if it has Sara & Corey’s stamp of approval, they are sure you will love it too!  The Gourmet Shop section of the deli is a great place to find these items as well as other specialties like homemade barbecue sauce, and jars of delicious ready-to-serve soups because a jar of chicken soup with matzo balls is the perfect medicine for a friend who's under the weather, or just hungry.


Try one of their unique foodie gifts instead of the usual flowers or bottle of wine. We will gladly wrap your gift and have it ready to give. The Gourmet Food Shop only carries items that they love and use, and are unique to Solomon’s Deli.